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dr. Joseph Burnett

Dr. Burnett holds academic degrees in both pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences, and as such, his expertise provides translational relevance to drug discovery efforts. His academic research is focused primarily on experimental therapeutics capable of eliminating intratumoral heterogeneity and targeting novel mechanisms of drug resistance in triple negative and HER2+ breast cancers.

Full list of publications available upon request.


Andrew Prusinowski

Andrew has worked over 12 years in software and technical roles. These have involved the development, maintenance, and use of Java Enterprise applications, web platform infrastructure, financial trading systems, and digital signals processing systems. His experience ranges across multiple facets of software development, from fundamental algorithm design, to the aestetics of web user interface.


Bret SElf

Bret has been involved with several IT organizations in the last 15 years with a variety of disciplines from Java programming to software architecture. This includes IT infrastructure hardware and software, client-side web interfaces, large-scale financial transaction processing, workflow automation across distributed systems, and planning/scheduling algorithms. 


Jacob Carlson

Jacob has managed and advised startups, small businesses, and creative projects since 2009. His breadth of experience includes technical projects in biotechnology, software development, renewable energy, financial services, and IT services. His experience also includes creative industries such as entertainment, audio and visual media, and event production.

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Jacob Smith

Jacob has over 13 years of experience in software development, infrastructure, and management. His experience spans developing distributed computing platforms, and secure, scalable web platforms, to managing teams and being responsible for large scale infrastructure and software architecture.