Collective Scientific enables pharmaceutical labs to discover novel drug candidates more quickly and effectively

Small Labs & Rare Diseases

Currently, only the most prevalent and profitable diseases obtain resources to discover their cure. We shorten the drug discovery timeline to empower laboratories of all sizes to increase productivity and lower the barrier to researching a wider array of diseases. 

Novel Drugs

Unlike similar software tools, which scan libraries of known chemicals, our software models de novo therapies provided a three dimensional crystal structure. It screens, refines, and optimizes in a single step to replace traditional high throughput screening and structure-based drug discovery approaches.

Process Improvements

Drug discovery is a series of four to twelve week iterations resulting in years of research with no guarantee for success. Our team provides a report with ranked, optimized compounds and their biosimilars ready for in vivo studies in under two weeks.


Machine learning and proprietary algorithms significantly shorten necessary but manual and repetitive processes


Cohesive software suite including energy minimization tools and machine learning heuristics replace numerous cumbersome and antiquated systems


Distributed cloud infrastructure produces high quality results rapidly, at a significantly higher ROI


Ready to accelerate your drug discovery research?

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